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IAC Idle Air Control
IAFM Integrated Air Fuel Module
IAOGP International Association of Oil and Gas Producers
IBP Initial Boiling Point
IC Internal Combustion
IC Ignition Control
IC Integrated Circuit
ICC Intelligent Cruise Control
ICCS Integrated Chassis Control System
ICE Internal Combustion Engine
ICM Ignition Control Module
ICP Injection Control Pressure
ICS Integrated Chassis System
ICWS Intersection Collision Warning System
ID Identification
IDI Indirect Injection
IDI Integrated Direct Ignition
IDM Ignition Diagnostic Module
IEDIS Integrated Electronic Distributorless Ignition System
IFI Indirect Diesel Injection
IFO Intermediate Fuel Oil (marine bunker fuel)
IFP Institut Français du Pétrole
IFSM Integrated Fuel System Module
IGN Ignition
IHI Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries (turbo manufacturers)
ILEV Inherently Low-Emission Vehicle
ILMA Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association
ILSAC International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee
IMA Integrated Motor Assist
IMMO Immobilizer
IMT Intake Manifold Tuning
in Inch(es)
INJ Injection
I/O In/Out
IPIECA International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
IPM Integrated Power Module
IPR Injector Pressure Regulator
IR Infrared
ISC Idle Speed Control
ISG Integrated Starter-Generator
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ITS Idle Tracking Switch
IVCS Integrated Vehicle Control System
IVDT Intake Valve Deposit Test
IVIS In Vehicle Information System
IVSC Integrated Vehicle Speed Control
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